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Property Development

New property investment is one of those areas that a buyer has little time to devote to regarding interior redesign. We can help clients make their investments rental or purchase ready. We know how to shape space to get it available to rent out or to sell, sourcing modern furnishings or updating existing ones using our trusted suppliers.

Interior Architecture & Coordination

We collaborate with clients to meet their functional and aesthetic vision. To suit the client's brief,  we can provide a full interior architecture package where we assist from concept to completion or a condensed package where we provide design content and implementation is managed by the client

CAD drawings, mood boards and sometimes 3D visualisation are used to assist the client in understanding the overall design vision.

Design Consultancy & Styling

We also offer design consultancy, which enables those clients that prefer to manage their own projects, to work with us for design guidance and advice. 

With our keen design eye, we can help update or add those final finishes touches that will enhance your home.

We can provide:

·   Adjustments to spatial layout

·   Soft and hard furnishing

·   Decorative lighting

·   Art and Accessories

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